Super Bowl LII Commercial Review

Morgan Freeman Mt Dew.jpg

Welcome to the First Annual Pop Goes the Culture Super Bowl Commercial Review and Award show, a.k.a. the PoGoCuSuBoCoRevAwa's!  You have to admit folks, it just rolls of the tongue.  Here we recognize both the admirable or at least genuinely amusing contributions to the world of marketing alongside the 'best' of the truly regrettable or forgettable product and brand fails, all of which go toe-to-toe in the Super Bowl for commercials which just so happens to be when the actual Super Bowl takes place.  The awards are chosen after a grueling review process by a committee of one, that being myself.  If you disagree, your wrong because this is my show.  So get over it.

The categories

Both a runner-up and winner are recognized in the following 4 categories:  Funny, Dumb, Profound, and Strange.  Do we really need to explain each category? We--and by 'we' I mean 'me'--don't think so.  So let's get on with the show.


The runner-up in the Funny category is Doritos vs Mt Dew!  Because who isn't amused at even the concept of Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman squaring off in a lip-sync battle, let alone actually pulling it off.  Side note, I go with Morgan Freeman.

The Most Funny Award for the 2018 Super Bowl goes to...'It's a Tide Ad'!  Congratulations to Tide for brilliantly mimicking just about every genre of product video commercials while simultaneously causing us to wonder if we are all a part of a Matrix controlled by the makers of this laundry detergent.


In the Dumb category, the age-old rivalry between the makers of carbonated, flavored water, which can also be used to make pennies shiny again, each provided an entry that went flat on arrival.  Both drew upon the old commercial strategy of ascribing way too much cultural and philosophical weight to something that basically compliments a variety of fast foods.

The runner-up is Pepsi's 'This is the Pepsi', because none of the people who were featured in Pepsi commercials over the years were ever paid to drink their sugar-water, right?

That means the winner of the Dumb award goes to Diet Coke's "Because I Can", because somehow the decision to pursue your true desires, which apparently for many out there includes "yurting", is equivalent to making the call to chug down their brown bubbles.


So this year's Super Bowl was pretty light on heavier adds.  Jeep dominated and ended up with both the runner-up and the winner.  Some might interpret the adds as making the same mistake as Pepsi and Coke, but there is a slight but significant difference.  Can you catch it?

Their runner-up was 'The road'...

Then they brought home the crown in the Profound category with 'The Manifesto'.


Finally we wrap up this year's awards with the Strange category, where commercials that were intended to arouse curiosity and further exploration rather inspired a quick dash to the bathroom so you wouldn't miss an actually interesting commercial.

The runner-up is Squarespace's 'Make It'.  Given they are the host platform for this website, I hope they won't take it personally and still provide me with their excellent customer service.  Seriously, I love Squarespace, but I'm pretty sure it can't turn me into Neo.  Hey, that's two The Matrix references in one blog article!

And the winner of the Strange Award goes to the the Church of Scientology!  This glamorous ad ends with the question, "Curious?"  Then it confidently states, "We thought so."  Because nothing spells 'cult' like telling you what your thinking.  So sorry, I'm not curious about that!

Well, the royal 'we' thanks you for reading the first annual PoGoCuSuBoCoRevAwa's!  We will see you again next year for Super Bowl 53.

Special thanks to the Philadelphia Eagles for sparing us of another Tom Brady gloat fest.