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Well I’m no Matt Foley, but I’ve been speaking in public for nearly a quarter of a century and I truly love doing so.  Beyond my own satisfaction, I have received affirmation over the years that has led me to believe that I’m not living in my own American Idol audition “fool’s paradise” but am in fact an engaging public speaker.

Perhaps you have read or listened to content on this website and would like to explore having me come and share in person with your group (congregation, network, conference attendees, neighborhood association, etc.).  This can look like anything between a single presentation (30-60 minutes) to multiple plenary or seminar sessions.  Simply complete the form below and I’ll get in touch with you to further explore the possibilities.

Note: While I may speak on similar themes and make reference to some content mentioned in previous blog posts/podcasts or other public speaking engagements, please know that I do NOT do canned speeches (i.e. regurgitating the identical speech over and over again).  I take great pride in making sure each presentation is uniquely contextualized and features original content for each new audience.


  • Single Session (up to 1 hour presentation with estimated 6 hours preparation) -- $315 ($45 an hour)
  • Multiple Sessions (each session being up to 1 hour with 6 hours preparation) -- (total number of sessions) x $280 ($40 an hour) per session = __________

When the event location is further than a total of 75 miles to and from Sacramento, a fee of .50 cents per additional mile is added to help cover the cost of additional travel time and fuel expenses.  (Example: Driving round-trip from Sacramento to San Francisco is 176 miles of which 101 miles would be charged an additional .50 a mile for a total of $50.50)  Should flight and overnight lodging be required, you are responsible for booking and covering the cost.  An additional $100 a day per diem is required for each day of travel, though this can be reduced to $50 if you make arrangements for ground transportation (volunteer or otherwise).

Payment is due at the completion of the speaking engagement.

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Please share more about the event (nature of the gathering, describe the audience, and how long you would like me to possibly share).