church social impact consulting

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Who you are…

  • A small to mid-size church (from a few dozen to around 400 people in regular attendance)
  • With a big, faith-inspired vision to have a profound and lasting social impact in your local community, region and perhaps around the world

The challenges you face…

  • Present experience and strategy is limited to one-off service projects, short-term trips, burned out staff and volunteers, and limited financial support for other organizations that are doing the daily work with excellency
  • Leadership is unsure of how to effectively mobilize the church towards significant and sustainable social service
  • Lack significant resources to pay for typical consulting fees (often $80-100+ an hour) but need an informed and experienced outsider perspective to help inform your priorities and strategies

What I bring to the picture…

  • Bachelors and Masters degrees in Pastoral Ministry, Theology and Discipleship (spiritual formation)
  • Over 17+ years of pastoral experience in small to mid-size churches
  • Over a decade of staff experience in social service organizations, from local 501(c)(3)'s to an international NGO
  • Recognized leadership in church social ministry mobilization strategies (see endorsements after the form below)
  • An affordable package of high quality consulting services

Consultation Outcomes

If I serve your church well, you will walk away with…

  • An accurate assessment of your church's actual current social impact in relation to the church's total activity and financial investments
  • A strong, working plan for maximum social impact including necessary spiritual formation practices, clarity on what social issues to address, healthy relational postures with relevant stakeholders, and strategies for sustainable engagement (focus on financial resourcing and lay-leadership development)

Consulting Process (after a free hour long consultation):

  1. Initial research (reviewing and collating questionnaire responses and analyzing key documents, sermons, etc. as well as an examination of the landscape of social struggles in your immediate and surrounding communties)
  2. Observation (e.g. sitting in on leadership and relevant ministry team meetings, shadowing work in the field, etc.)
  3. Follow-up questions via in-person interviews (individually and with leadership/ministry teams)
  4. Meet with church leadership to review initial assessment and recommendations
  5. Additional observation and active coaching of select individuals (pastors, support staff and/or lay leaders)
  6. Final Presentation and Written Report (which includes narrative of entire consultation process, summary of key observations, and a list of detailed recommendations and resources; this can be given to church leadership or the entire congregation if desired)

Plans and Rates:

  • Rapid Fire Assessment: 40 hours over 2 months at $50 an hour = $2,000
  • Extended Support: 75 hours over 5 months (average 15 hours a month) at $45 an hour = $3,375
  • Comprehensive: 150 hours over 12 months (average 12.5 hours a month) at $40 an hour = $6,000

Total cost is divided into monthly payments which are due at the conclusion of each month (the exact day payments are due is based upon agreed upon consulting start date, e,g, a January 5th start date would mean first payment is due February 5th).  You can choose to terminate the agreement at any time if you determine you are unsatisfied with services, no longer need consulting or are unable to afford future payments due to unforeseen organizational challenges.  A written notice is required in exercising an out: one week notice for the Rapid Fire Assessment, two weeks for the Extended Support and three weeks for the Comprehensive plan.  If there is a payment due during this cancellation period, it will be reduced and prorated to the actual number of hours I would have worked during this period. 

A recommendation I have for small churches that find that they are unable to afford these services: Consider partnering with another church or churches in your area on a joint consultation plan.  I love collaboration and if that is a part of your DNA you might be able to further your partnership with other churches by going through this consultation process together.

Additional Travel Fee: If the church is located further than a total of 75 miles to and from Sacramento, a fee of .50 cents per additional mile is added to help cover the cost of travel time and fuel expenses.  Example: Driving round-trip from Sacramento to San Francisco is 176 miles of which 101 miles would be charged an additional .50 a mile for a total of $50.50 per on-site visit.  Churches that are in this kind of situation are encouraged to maximize each visit to include the possibility of me staying overnight to condense on-site/in person consulting.  You may choose to secure a hotel room for my stay, but please know that I am very comfortable with staying at a host home to save the church additional expenses.  Please note that at this time I am currently limiting these consulting services to clients within a reasonable driving distance (i.e. no flying).

If you would like to explore the possibility of securing these consultation services, please complete the Interest Form below and I will reach out to you to schedule your free one hour consultation.

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My friend Kirt is passionate about seeing the church respond in Christ-like ways to the needs of its community and of the world. With a breadth of experience, he’s a skilful guide to local churches seeking to do good well.
— Matthew Soerens, U.S Director of Church Mobilization (World Relief)
As a pastor, I have valued my time with Kirt. He is a mature follower of Christ, has a wholistic biblical worldview, and works well in a team setting. He is an invaluable asset in helping congregations navigate the complexities of mission in our changing culture. I highly recomend Kirt for any ministry consulting.
— Rev. Dr. Bret Widman