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Somewhere in America, a blogger or podcaster labors to provide the thoughts and perspectives (or just temporary amusement) that his or her readers so desperately need.  Faced with the relentless demands of being responsible--such as, working, raising children, watching T.V. and posting pictures of the food they are eating on Instagram--they wonder if they will ever find the time to be there for their loved ones who follow them on social media and subscribe to their MailChimp newsletters. Tragically, thousands of blogs and podcasts will be terminated every day.

Meet Kirt Lewis.  He's led an interesting life so far, perhaps more interesting than yours.  He wants to blog and podcast about his experiences, lessons learned and his lingering questions, so that those who read his posts or listen to his podcasts can one day grow up with him to be the kind of human beings that will make this world a little bit better than before.

That's where you come in!

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You see, for just $2.45 a month--the cost of one Freshly Brewed Venti Coffee at Starbucks--you can help Kirt wake up every morning knowing he can afford to pay web-hosting fees, Google G-Suite, a PO Box, and a number of other expenses associated with running a high quality blog.  And if enough people give, he might even have the time he needs to research and produce thoughtful and engaging content.

If you decide to give today, each month you will receive a special newsletter that will include an update on Kirt's progress along with a picture of him sitting behind his laptop, fulfilling his lifelong dreams.

So please, don't hesitate!  Subscribe today and forever change the life of this one blogger.


Dear family, friends and social media followers,

Thanks for entertaining me for a minute in the above brief satire of the old "sponsor a child" commercials, this time with a blogger twist.  

On a serious note, I hope that you have enjoyed and found beneficial the content I produce on this website, and that you will continue to do so.  I enjoy providing it to you and on a selfish level it helps me to personally grow as the process demands significant research and reflection on life.

To the best of my ability, I continue to develop and maintain what I hope is a high quality blog and podcast.  This comes with a significant investment of time and some limited financial expenses as well.  I estimate that it takes on average six to eight hours to research, write, record, edit and post each article/podcast.  Then there are some fixed, regular expenses such as web-hosting fees, PO Box, etc.  These total $53 a month to be exact.  Ideally it is nice to have a few extra dollars for marketing, such as advertising on Facebook and Instagram. Beyond this, there are occasional capital purchases which are necessary to produce a quality blog, podcast, and vlog.  These 'tools of the trade' are basically a computer with excellent media storage and processing capacity along with high quality recording hardware (I use a free editing software to limit expenses).

So here is the good thing.  I have a job.  Therefore, I don’t need this website to ‘put bread on the table and a roof over me and my family’s heads’.  So you are probably wondering why I'm then asking for money.  First of all, it’s a meaningful gesture of support for something I hope is a genuine service to others.  Being paid for a service or product is personally encouraging to anyone who is striving to create something that adds value to this world.  Additionally, financial contributions will provide some much needed secondary income.  While I am very grateful for the many intangible benefits that came from my previous employers, compensation from my past work with churches and other non-profits left very little for long term financial needs such as retirement or funds for Melody and Ellie's college education.  I'm hoping that the additional income that comes from this website will help me make up some ground.

So here is my commitment to you.  Each year I will identify the annual support I am seeking from those who regularly read and/or listen to the content I publish on this website.  This goal will cover the basic fixed expenses along with a modest amount for marketing and any capital purchases I feel are necessary for that year.  The fundraising thermometer located below will be regularly updated to indicate how much progress has been made toward this goal.  Once those goals are met, just know that any financial contributions that comes in after that will go to provide some additional funds for me and my family.

If you want to become a financial supporter, it only takes a few minutes to set up a regular contribution.  You can cancel your payments easily at any time.  If you would rather not commit to a monthly subscription, you can make a one-time contribution.  Both forms are found at the bottom of this page. 

As an additional benefit for my financial supporters, you will receive a special version of my monthly newsletter.  Along with the usual features in that newsletter, you will be invited to unique opportunities where we can perhaps personally connect, such as community events, speaking engagements...riots, you know, the usual.  Financial supporters will also be invited to participate in secure, online conversations with myself and other paid subscribers on issues brought up on this website.  For this we use a platform called Kialo (check out this short video here).

Again, I greatly appreciate you taking the time to check out the website and your willingness to consider lending financial support.

Kirt E. Lewis


2018 Annual Fundraising Goal

Fixed Expenses: $636

Marketing: $300

Capitol Purchases:

  1. New Laptop: $800  The actual cost is almost $1,600 but I know this will also be for personal and other professional work as well.  Still, it will be significantly used for the website and it sorely needed.  The current laptop is several years old and just lacks the media capabilities for the kind of quality production I want to do.  Our home PC is almost 10 years old and is likely on borrowed time.
  2. Noise-canceling Professional Editing Headphones: $250  Not only is this very helpful in the editing process, but it would lead to a much better recording for when I conduct interviews for podcasts.

Note: 2019 should have little to no needed purchases of equipment, so consider this year's capitol purchases as start up expenses.

TOTAL: $1,986

 As of March 10, 2018

As of March 10, 2018