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Dear family, friends and social media followers,

I hope that you have enjoyed and found beneficial the content I produce on this website, and that you will continue to do so.  I enjoy providing it to you and on a selfish level it helps me to personally grow as the process demands significant research and reflection on life.

To the best of my ability, I continue to develop and maintain what I hope is a high quality blog and podcast.  This comes with a significant investment of time and some limited financial expenses as well.  I estimate that it takes on average six to eight hours to research, write, record, edit, post, and promote each piece.  Then there are some fixed, regular expenses such as web-hosting fees, PO Box, etc.  These total $53 a month to be exact.  Ideally it is nice to have a few extra dollars for marketing, such as advertising with Google Ads or on Facebook and Instagram. Beyond this, there are occasional capital purchases which are necessary to produce a quality blog, podcast, and vlog.  These 'tools of the trade' are basically a computer with excellent media storage capacity along with high quality recording hardware (I use free recording and editing software to limit expenses).

So here is the good thing.  I have a job.  Therefore, I don’t need this website to ‘put bread on the table and a roof over me and my family’s heads’.  Additionally, I want all of the content I produce to be freely available to anyone who wishes to access it, so I have chosen to not erect a 'paywall' as many blogs and online media producers are doing.  So you are probably wondering why I'm then asking for money.

First of all, it’s a meaningful gesture of support for something I hope is a genuine service to others.  Being paid for a service or product is personally encouraging to anyone who is striving to create something that adds value to this world.  Additionally, financial contributions will provide some helpful secondary income.  While I am very grateful for the many intangible benefits that came from my previous employers, compensation from my past work with churches and other non-profits left very little for long term financial needs such as retirement or funds for Melody and Ellie's college education.  I'm hoping that the additional income that comes from this website, along with just covering the basic expenses identified above, will also help provide a little more income for some long-term financial investments.

If you want to become a financial supporter, it only takes a few minutes to set up a regular contribution.  You can cancel your payments easily at any time.  If you would rather not commit to a monthly subscription, you can make a one-time contribution.

Again, I greatly appreciate you taking the time to check out the website and your willingness to consider lending financial support.

Kirt E. Lewis